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At Mike Murphy Furniture Removals we stock a range of boxes and moving equipment that we know will make your move straightforward and easy. You can be assured that with the right packing advice from the Mike Murphy Furniture Removals team and our moving expertise, your goods will arrive in the same condition they left your original location.If you require any advice on what equipment you may need or if you require some expert advice on moving certain possessions, feel free to contact Mike Murphy Furniture Removals directly. For a list of our useful packing tips that we recommend, click here.To order your packing equipment please complete the following information and one of our moving representatives will contact you as soon as possible. Delivery address details and dates will be taken when we phone you.

teachest TEA CHEST BOX 60x45x41 $5.50
China, Antiques, Glasses, Lamps, Ceramics.  
BOOKS & WINE BOX 44x42x30 $4.40
Liqour/Record Box. Books.  
wardrobe PORT-A-ROBE (WARDROBE) 112x60x48 $17.70
Pack your hanging clothes straight from your closet onto the metal bar of the wardrobe box. Clothes will stay wrinkle free. Excellent for clothing storage in the shed or spare room after move.  
tape TAPE ROLL 2.0Mil thickness $4.40
Professional grade tape (2.0Mil) great for sealing boxes for moving or for storage.  
paper PACKING PAPER 15kg $40.00
Bundle. 20kg $50.00

If you require any other products such as: mattress protectors, lounge protectors, bubblewrap, blankets, file boxes please just ask and we will try to be of assistance. Please note: If delivery is required prior to the removal day there must be a minimum order of 15 boxes to qualify for delivery.






Q. Is the quote free?

A. Move estimates/quotes are free and the customer is under no obligation - you need to confirm either orally or by email that you accept the terms and are you booking in. If you are rescheduling a booking there is NO cancellation fee incurred to you. However there is a 24 hour cancellation fee for bookings - this fee is equivalent to one hour of the quote you were given i.e. $110 per hr plus GST of $11.00 total = $121.00.

Q. How soon can I make a booking?

A. Bookings could be made months in advance up to one day prior to the removal date but we prefer you to book your move date 2 to 3 weeks in advance. Sometimes we are available at short notice on the day - so don't be afraid to call us on the day if your urgent situation requires.

Q. Is it possible to reschedule a removal after it had been booked?

A. As soon as you realize there may be a problem with your moving date, you need to contact Mike Murphy Furniture Removals for a new removals date - 24 hours notice is always preferred as obviously someone else could be booked into that time slot.



Q. Do you provide a packing service?

A. YES we do. We do pack and unpack and we will put items where you specifically want them.

Q. WHAT size are your vehicles?

A. Most trucks are 30 & 45 cubic meters. 

Q. Can you transport pets to our new home?

A. We do not transport pets. Ideally, pets travel best in your own car - best to use professional pet carriers.

Q. WHAT is the best way to prepare children for a move?

A. EXPERTS generally agree that you should discuss the move openly and frequently and what it means to them. Keep to your normal routines as much as possible. Keep familiar items (toys, books, blankets) available. If possible, visit the new community with your children before the move to acquaint them with the new surroundings. Above all, listen to what your children have to say, and keep communications open and honest.



Q. Do I need to be present during the pickup?

A. YES. We consider it to be company policy that you be present to identify which goods are staying and which are going, items requiring special handling, and to answer any questions. Most importantly, you must be present at pickup and delivery to assist in the Inventory Process.

Q. HOW do you protect the furniture?

A. All furniture is professionally wrapped by our experienced removalists with special thick moving blankets or what some professionals refer to as pads (naturally this service is included in the price).

Q. WHAT do we do when the workers arrive at our house?

A. The Mike Murphy Furniture Removals team you have on the day will arrive uniformed - unless it is a one man job (previously agreed to for small items only) we usually supply 2 men on the day - occasionally 3 depending on the job - all of which is previously agreed to with you.

The Driver and offsider will come inside the premise with you and go over what needs to be done etc. Make sure you point out any items that need special care or are fragile and need to be packed in cartons.

Any items that are to remain on your property should be clearly identified and placed in another room.

Once all your items have been packed, wrapped and loaded or simply just padded and loaded, it's best to inspect your property to ensure that everything has been removed.

Before the men proceed, at the beginning of the move you will be requested to sign the removal contract sheet as confirmation that you understand and agree to the terms of removal and that it is to your satisfaction.

Q. What kind of insurance do I have? 

A. We will provide you with two insurance policies; cargo insurance for all your goods while loading/unloading and when in transit, and liability insurance for both pick up and drop off properties.

Q. What happens if something is damaged?

A. During delivery if you think that one or more of the items that we have moved has been damaged; note it on the removal receipt BEFORE you sign it. This step will not be replaced by any other written or verbal step in the communication process. Pay your full moving cost as agreed to i.e. cash, cheque* (*only accepted from large businesses who have gained prior approval from management - upon the booking), credit card or EFTPOS. Upon receipt of your completed claim form, a customer representative or director will call you within 72 hours (business days) to acknowledge the claim and discuss. Please note: There will be an excess charge for any claims made - this will be discussed with you.

Note: Any residential/property claims must be submitted in writing. DO NOT dispose of any damaged item before a Mike Murphy Furniture Removals representative performs a visual inspection. DO NOT replace or begin repair on any damaged item unless a Mike Murphy Furniture Removals representative authorizes you in writing to do so.

Q. What about parking?

A. It is it is up to you to ensure that there is suitable access and parking for our vehicle at both pickup and delivery addresses to avoid any delays on the day of the move and to avoid potential parking fines. We advise you to contact your local council office to arrange permits if required. Remember to also forewarn your neighbours to ensure they are not inconvenienced. Please note that you will be responsible for payment of any tickets/fines if the Driver incurs a parking fine on the day as a result of you not providing adequate parking as above mentioned.

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